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The Importance of Hiring a Catholic Wedding Photographer

If you are having a Catholic ceremony, you should hire a Catholic Photographer.

If you are reading this, you are engaged and the Lord has brought you the amazing gift of a spouse! Congratulations! I have been there (in 2022) and it's such a huge blessing to get married in the Church. I was married at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Tampa, Florida!

I Pray for You

Getting married in the Catholic Church is so sacred and unique and there are tons of intimate and extremely important moments during the Mass. This is why it is so important to hire a Catholic wedding photographer. Now, I know very well that there are amazing photographers who are not Catholic who can do an amazing job, but there is something so special in hiring someone that will pray for you and your future spouse as well as celebrate in the Mass with you as you say "I do".

Reverence in a Catholic Mass

Reverence is of utmost importance in Catholic Churches because you are not only celebrating a Sacrament, you are honoring and worshipping God - and it is so important to me that my photography does not interrupt the nuptial mass. I always aim to be quiet, kneel and pray alongside you and your family and friends while capturing every single moment, including the very important moments of the Consecration, receiving the Eucharist, the homily, the exchanging of rings, the blessing of the lazo and arras and of course the kiss! One of my brides recently shared this:

"My mom was amazed by the photos Allie was able to capture during mass because you never saw her! Allie made sure not to disrupt the mass one bit. I am so happy I decided to hire a Catholic wedding photographer because one of my fears was a non-religious wedding photographer not understanding the Catholic mass and accidentally interrupting."

As a a traveling Catholic photographer, I love capturing Catholic weddings all around the US and internationally. Uniting my passion of photography with my faith has been such a gift!


Allie is a Tampa, Florida based Catholic destination wedding and elopement photographer. Her passion is capturing two people in love becoming one in a colorful and documentary approach. She is also a proud member of the Catholic Bridal Collective.

Catholic Photographer in Tampa


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