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Couples Session in El Matador State Beach California

Malibu in the Spring. Pretty dreamy, right?

That's exactly how it was for me when I traveled there in April. Everything about the West Coast's nature is gorgeous. The steep cliffs, cool ocean breeze, foggy hilltops. Needless to say, I very much enjoyed my time up there.

One thing that made this trip extra amazing was getting to capture a gorgeous couple's session with Suvi and Zack.

We decided to meet at El Matador State Beach on the Malibu coast and it was just beautiful. It was surprisingly chilly (very different from Tampa Bay) and very windy - but that wasn't going to stop us from having a dreamy photo session on the beach!

I took a more documentary approach to this shoot - just letting them be them and me photographing from afar.

They ran on the beach, competed at who could spin faster, laughed, kissed and just enjoyed each other's presence. I am so thankful I got to capture their love.

I truly love photographing two people in love - whether that's in Florida, New York, California, etc.

Any location, you name it - I am there.

Allie is a Tampa, Florida based travel wedding and elopement photographer. Her passion is capturing two people in love becoming one in a colorful and documentary approach.


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