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An Italian Adventure in Lake Como

A Lake Como, Italy Boat Photoshoot | Italy Wedding Photographer

Couple kissing on a boat in Lake Como Italy

Lake Como, Italy (Lago di Como) is one of the most beautiful and iconic Italian destinations. These small mountainous towns surround this gorgeous, crystal clear teal lake and are filled with so much color and character.

Bellagio is the most common town people go to around the lake, however, we stayed in Como! Lake Como is surrounded by gelato shops, high-end fashion stores, delicious pasta-filled restaurants and of. course, coffee shops. It is also home to insane architecture, fashion icons like Gianni Versace and famous A-listers such as George Clooney, Madonna, Sylvester Stallone, and so many more!

Lake Como is also home to some of the most gorgeous wedding venues!

Here are some of them to consider for your big day:

Fun fact: So many of these venues have been featured in movies, like James Bond!

The elegance, rich architecture and dramatic valleys in this part of Italy creates perfect locations for elegant and luxury weddings, but it is also an incredible backdrop for intimate boat elopements, too! There are endless options for your wedding or elopement in Lago di Como.

Going back to Italy to photograph a wedding or elopement is one of my bucket list locations, which means packages are discounted! I would love to go back and become an Italian Wedding Photographer for a day again!


Allie is a Tampa, Florida based destination wedding and elopement photographer. Her passion is capturing two people in love becoming one in a colorful and documentary approach.


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